Apocalypse Island (Mystery Thriller)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Mark Edward Hall

Publisher : Lost Village Publishing

Apocalypse Island (Mystery Thriller)

ABOUT Mark Edward Hall

Mark Edward Hall
Mark Edward Hall is the author of eight books including The Haunting of Sam Cabot and The Lost Village. His latest novel is the kindle bestselling supernatural thriller Apocalypse Island. His next novel, Soul Thief, a follow up to Apocalypse Island, is the second book in the Blue Light Ser More...



A Maine city has turned into a killing ground.
Is it a serial killer, someone with a penchant for the macabre and a need to destroy?

Or is it a darker force, an ancient legend from a mysterious Island come ashore to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting?

Amid the backdrop of Portland's burgeoning night scene, Police Lieutenant Rick Jennings discovers that no one is safe, and that evil has many faces.

Extended Description:

Danny Wolf, a gifted musician with alcohol problems is witnessing brutal murder in his dreams. Someone is carving a cross on each of the young female victims before crucifying them.

Newly released from prison for a crime he did not commit, Wolf is having trouble adjusting to civilian life. He believes the dreams are a symptom of his adjustment until he discovers that they are real and that the victims are his own groupies. He soon begins to doubt his sanity. Could he be a homicidal madman?

Wolf has no memory of his early childhood but discovers that he spent his first eight years in a Catholic orphanage on a mysterious island off the coast of Maine. Is it possible that his early life and the murders are somehow connected?

Soon the killings become more bold and gruesome, as members of the church begin to die.

Enter Police Lieutenant Rick Jennings and his young assistant Laura Higgins. They discover a government conspiracy involving the Catholic Church, and a cold war CIA mind control program known as MK-Ultra where children were used as test subjects.

Danny Wolf becomes the number one suspect in the murders, but no one, not even Wolf, is prepared for what they discover on Apocalypse Island, a mind blowing secret that was supposed to stay hidden forever.

Apocalypse Island is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you guessing until the shocking conclusion.

Book One of the Sapphire Blue Series.

Word count: 130,000.

"Mark Edward Hall writes like a master. Stephen King, yes, but also like Stoker, Poe, and Bradbury, yeah, even Shakespeare... His prose is hypnotic and seductive, visceral, and edgy. He's the real thing." --Kiana Davenport, New York Times Bestselling Author of Cannibal Nights and House of Skin

"Apocalypse Island is an ambitious thriller, written by the talented Mark Edward Hall . . . Part political thriller, part police procedural, part supernatural gothic horror and part action-adventure, all rolled into one fast-moving book . . . You simply cannot put it down." --Allan Leverone, bestselling author of The Lonely Mile

"Hall has an uncanny knack for blending vivid, almost poetic prose with visceral images of jaw-dropping horror to great effect." --Bram Stoker Award Winning Editor, Vince Liaguno

"Poetic and eerily seductive, Hall pushes you to the edge, until you get lost in the beautiful madness of his creations." --Midwest Book Review

"Hall is rapidly climbing the ladder to stake a claim as one of the dark fiction elite." --Morpheus Tales