Entitlement (An Angela Masters Detective Novel)

Entitlement (An Angela Masters Detective Novel)

ABOUT Mike Worley

Mike Worley
Author of the Angela Masters Detective Novel series, including "Retribution", "Grand Jete", and "Entitlement"



A young woman is reported missing. Her car has been abandoned on a major highway and the interior is in disarray. However, there is no evidence that a crime has occurred and adults are free to ‘disappear’ if they choose. Still, Detective Angela Masters’ believes the woman may have been kidnapped. There is no ransom demand but also no indicator that the woman may be living somewhere else.
The woman’s life was filled with questionable characters, including her self-described fiancé, a local lawyer; his dedicated secretary; and a paroled convict. Was her disappearance related to her brother’s untimely death three years earlier, or the highway death of her friend?
Angela Masters must determine if a crime has even occurred and try to locate the missing woman. If her disappearance was the result of criminal activity, who was responsible and can she make a case that will hold up in court?
“Entitlement” is filled with twists, dead ends and clashing egos that will keep the reader engrossed as the case nears a conclusion.