Retribution (An Angela Masters Detective Novel)

Retribution (An Angela Masters Detective Novel)

ABOUT Mike Worley

Mike Worley
Author of the Angela Masters Detective Novel series, including "Retribution", "Grand Jete", and "Entitlement"



Butch Agenbroad had been in trouble for most of his life. The idea of honest work eluded him, but he found his calling in his charm. He would find lonely and wealthy single women, and charm them until they married him. Then the charm helped him gain control of their finances, after which he would disappear, often leaving the women penniless. Sharon was different, with as much charm and spirit as Butch possessed, and they soon married. Before he could raid her finances, she divorced him, but not before she became pregnant with his daughter. Having a mere woman divorce him was more than the arrogant Agenbroad could stand. He returned years later to murder Sharon, and in an ill-conceived act, he also kidnapped two of her children. Detective Angela Masters was soon on the case. Will her relentless pursuit bring Agenbroad to justice? More importantly, will Masters be able to save the lives of the innocent young girls?