Hot & Dangerous: De La Cruz Saga (Volume 7)

ABOUT P.T. Macias

P.T. Macias
My name is Patricia T. Macias. I was born in San Jose, California. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management Administration. I currently live in Sacramento, California with my family. My family is my pride and joy. I also enjo More...



Claudia De La Cruz is a sexy, intelligent, dedicated, and beautiful FBI agent! She worked hard to achieve her dream. She's too busy to fall in love. She never had an amor! She's waiting for her alma gemela (soul mate)! Roberto De León sprints into her life! Time and danger brings them together and tears them apart! Delightful excerpt ~ Wow, what’s going on? What’s all that commotion here in my casa, thinks Claudia. She runs out of her room and down the hall. She meets her Padres (parents). “What’s going on?” asks Claudia. “We don’t know,” replies Papa Jorge. Claudia urgently strides to the front door. She sees Veronica and Christopher walking after Roberto. Oh dios mio that’s my Roberto! “Roberto, wait!” yells Claudia. She runs out the door after him. “Baby!” “I don’t want to hear you lie!” yells Roberto. He attempts to hurry to the suv. “Baby, what’s wrong?” asks Claudia, passing Veronica and Christopher . “Hermana (sister), he saw Christopher and me kissing. I think that he thought I was you,” says Veronica, walking behind Claudia. “Hey, amigo, wait up!” says Christopher, sprinting after Roberto. “You have it all wrong.” Roberto hears Claudia and the other voices. Hmm, that’s three voices and not two. One is Claudia, he thinks. He turns around, furious and curious. “Baby,” yells Claudia, running to Roberto. “Please, listen to me.” Roberto stands stupefied. Oh, dios mio! What a fucking fool I am. I forgot about her twin. I saw her in his arms and thought it was my Baby. The rage and frustration that I felt ten years ago, came rushing back. It was worse this time, because Claudia is my mujer, ponders Roberto. He’s in a daze. Roberto stares at Veronica, feeling Claudia run into his arms. Damn, she’s identical to my Claudia, but she’s different. He gazes down into Claudia’s beautiful eyes. “Baby, te amo!” says Claudia. She gazes into his confused, pained beautiful brown eyes. “That’s my hermana, Veronica.” Roberto closes his eyes tight. Wow, damn it! I made a huge mistake. I almost walked away from my amor, my alma gemela, and my world. He opens his eyes and gazes into Claudia’s beautiful face. He pulls her close, burying his face into her neck. Yes, this is my Claudia. I feel her, she’s mia, only mia, he thinks. “Amor, your mia, only mia!” he growls into her ear. He ignores the pain at his side. He holds her tight. Claudia moves her head and gives him a hungry beso. She wraps her arms around his neck. Oh, damn yes. This is my Baby, my Amor, thinks Roberto. He hungrily returns her beso. He holds her tight. I've been dreaming of this moment for a long time.