ABOUT J. L. Lawson

J. L. Lawson
I am a father, a grandfather and a "Came-to-Writing-Professionally-Late-in-Life" kinda guy. After rewarding careers as a Land Planner, Standards Engineer, Technical Writer/Graphic Designer, and as an Educator (High School and College Literature/Composition) I settled down at the  More...


Literary Fiction >>Adventure >>Coming of Age >>Metaphysical

"If you had virtually unlimited resources and a pristinely practicable
imagination, and a knack for turning air into butter, what do you
suppose you'd do next?"
---Tera Elphinstone,
    Drummond Group Director

Just A Curtain chronicles the remarkable life and achievements of Dashiel Drummond and the capable group of people he gathers around him to make a change for the better in the world in which he finds himself. This is a coming of age story; orphaned at sixteen, he rises through the angst of
adolescence to the challenge of fulfilling the promise of his potential--from ranch hand and welder to the builder of starships...
Just A Curtain is the remarkable, fast-paced gateway to the grander saga of the journey toward true self-realization recorded in J. L. Lawson's other works: The Donkey and The Wall trilogy and The Curious Voyages of the Anna Virginia Saga.