Winter's Touch (Immortal Touch Series 1)

ABOUT Allie Gail

Allie Gail
I am an independent author fairly new to the rewarding world of writing! Reading has always been a passion of mine, so it only seemed logical that I would eventually delve into this uncharted territory. As it turns out, it's a wonderful outlet for a runaway imagination and I'm having a bl More...



I am a demon who once walked as a man.

Second-year college student Evangeline Spencer has learned over the years how to cope with the disturbing dreams that have plagued her since childhood. But now, fifteen years after his startling revelation, the nightmare from next door has returned to claim her.

Swept away to a remote location in Oregon, Eva has become the possession of someone incapable of compassion or remorse. Julian Winter is a vampire with the face of an angel, a ruthless killer whose sole intent is to staunch his craving for her blood. And to survive, she'll have to search the remotest depths of his soul for any remnants of humanity. Can she make his resurrected heart feel again?

Or will the crux of her life be slowly consumed?

Recommended for mature readers only.