ABOUT John Hardy Bell

John Hardy Bell



Camille Grisham was once a decorated field agent with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. Her job was to help solve the country’s most complex and violent crimes, often with little more than a textbook profile of the perpetrator to go on. No one did it better. But at what should have been the pinnacle of her career, Camille encountered a case, and a killer, that would alter the course of her life forever. Forced to leave the Bureau under a cloud of shame, Camille retreats to her hometown of Denver, Colorado, where she hopes the presence of family and friends will help fend off the demons of her former life. But those hopes are abruptly shattered when Camille’s best friend Julia is murdered less than twenty-four hours after her arrival. The police investigation immediately targets a mail clerk in Julia’s law firm, and all signs point to his guilt, until Camille receives a computer disk – left behind by Julia herself – that implicates someone infinitely more powerful. Under the grip of personal turmoil, Camille must find the courage to uncover the truth of Julia’s life. In doing so, she will not only expose a dangerous conspiracy, she will also find herself in the midst of yet another lethal confrontation – this time with a killer hell-bent on preserving Julia’s secret, no matter what it takes.