ABOUT Patrick Karveor

Patrick Karveor
I am a long time fan of history and occultism. I wrote many articles on the subject, mostly in French, but I decided to share my acquired knowledge in this very specific field in my book: "Nazi Secrets".



Nazi secrets are weird enough. It is therefore unnecessary to add wishful fantasies to the genuine historical facts in the field of Nazi occultism, especially when it comes to their expeditions, and their “scientific” researches.

The true amateur of sensational and strange stories can still be fully satisfied with Himmler's Witch Project, or the Hollow Earth Theory.

In many aspects, the Nazi era was like a breach in space and time. What happened during these almost 12 years of dictatorship, at the heart of Europe, in one of the most civilized and industrially advanced country, does not match the moral, philosophical and religious values that existed everywhere else at the same time in the world. There is therefore a need to revisit all historical proven facts linked to Nazi oddities that one rarely finds in mainstream historians' books.

This book aims at separating these facts, how esoteric and strange they can be, from Post War fabrications and commercial lies found on the Internet. The amateur of mysteries and dark secrets will not be disappointed though since in this quest reality is often stranger than fiction.

CONTENTS: (including rare pictures)


Non-Whites & Jews in the German Army

Spring of Life and Baby Abductions

Lake Töplitz: the Nazi Abyss


The Underground Reich

Der Riese

The Jonas Valley

Wonder Weapons


The Hollow Earth Theory

World Ice Theory


The Ahnenerbe

Cancelled expeditions

Human experiments

The Wewelsburg

Hexen Files

Hitler and Magic

Wotan and the Aryan Archetype


The Morning of the Magicians

The Mystic Treasure of the SS

Fantasy Wonder Weapons

Die Glocke


Nazi UFOs

The Amerika Bomber Project

The Unexplainable Genocide

Nazism becomes a semi-religious movement

The Black Sun

The Vril