Book Marketing Like a Pro (Self-Publish Like a Pro)

Book Marketing Like a Pro (Self-Publish Like a Pro)

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Brandie Knight
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Brandie Knight is driven by creativity, passion, and adventure. Now, after twenty years in the entertainment industry, she is writing about her encounters in a fictional environment. Over the past 20 years, Knight has created and produced a television pilot, two radi More...



Book Marketing Like a Pro will help authors reach their sales goals through effective marketing techniques and help build a promotional platform for their books. This step-by-step guide explores how to promote a book with low-cost marketing techniques that can deliver high-revenue results.

You will learn the proven methods for obtaining positive sales results, which involves the following key topics: target market, identifying your book’s benefits, promotional tools, promotional events, publicity, Internet marketing tools, Internet promotion, and helpful resources. These important topics detail an author’s blog, social media sites, social networking, author programs, book widgets, Quick Response (QR) Codes, virtual book tours, autograph e-books, live-streaming book signings, affiliate programs, and more. A strategic, promotional plan is crucial to the success of your book and should be mapped out before you begin the book’s promotion. Book Marketing Like a Pro will assist you in creating your promotional plan, and you will use this plan as a roadmap to reach your sales goals.

About the author: Brandie A. Knight is a twenty-two year business and marketing veteran. For much of that time, Ms. Knight consulted businesses in the execution of low-cost marketing techniques that deliver high-revenue results. From start-ups to established companies, she has helped businesses understand the processes needed to gain significant revenue growth. In addition to consulting, Ms. Knight owned a public relations firm that catered to a variety of high profile and celebrity clientele, the creator and publisher of lifestyle magazine Party Chasers, and a partner in Hollywood Revolutions, a licensing agency for intellectual property. She is currently a classroom instructor, the owner of Holley Martin Publishing, an independent publishing company, and a partner in 100th Monkey Productions, a TV/film production company. Brandie Knight is the author of four books including The Business Plan Workbook, Self-Publish Like a Pro, Book Marketing Like a Pro, and her best-selling novel Hollywood Under the Covers.