You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

ABOUT Roberta Kagan

Roberta Kagan
When I was a child my mother kept a black suitcase in our basement. She forbade me to look inside.  Of course as we all know the way to spark a child’s curiosity is to tell them they are forbidden to do or see a particular thing.  One afternoon when my mother was out, I raced down stai More...



Munich Germany, 1936 A child is breed for the fatherland, in honor of Adolf Hitler. In a castle like home, hidden deep in the highlands of Munich, on a snowy January morning a little girl enters the world in the Home for the Lebensborn. As the newborn is ripped from her mother, Helga Haswell’s, arms and taken to be raised as an ideal Nazi, Helga’s cries echo through the halls. The Fuhrer has declared that because this child has perfect Ayran bloodlines, she is to be a part of the race that is to rule the world, and so the Nazi party, will send her to live with a high-ranking SS officer and his wife. “You Are My Sunshine,” follows those whose lives will be touched by Katja, the infant born on that winter morning, destined to be a victim of the Third Reich. “You Are My Sunshine,” is a companion novel to “All My Love, Detrick,” by Roberta Kagan however, it is a complete novel and can be enjoyed even if the reader has never read “All My Love, Detrick.”