NEYMAR: The Mohawk Striker

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By John Jackson

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NEYMAR: The Mohawk Striker

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The "Neymar's method" - Origin of his Skills Football is an interesting sport because, as no other, stamps the character of a people in the way it is played. The way how Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina and Brazil  plays the game are clearly distinct from each other. The tactics, players characteristics, each  of these aspects seems to be a projection of the local culture. Unlike sports such as running,  athletics or swimming, there is no apparent uniformity in the football techniques.Brazilian football has always been characterized by the creativity and playful moves. Neymar seems to have enhanced these attributes in his way of playing the game.

Neymar Jr. is an authentic genius with the ball, and his pace, dribbling and finishing are all  of an refined technique that haunts the opponents. And more: Neymar plays well wide or  through the middle, gathering characteristics hardly found in other players. But how was shaped the football of the boy Neymar Jr.?When child, Neymar Jr. used to train dribbling tables and chairs inside his own house. It was his child pastime. More than properly the football game, what attracted Neymar Jr. was the ball. He established with the ball a relationship of intimacy and only after this was reflected in his game.

As a child, Neymar was used to make a championship with himself. Explained: it was a competition of his right foot against his left foot, kicking the ball against the wall and seeing which of the two legs hit more points over the goal that he himself proposed to the two. Repeated the fun dominating the ball with his left thigh, and then with the right thigh, and computing which of the two "won". This occupied his time and kept him and motivated him to always be playing with the ball.With these prosaic games, created by himself, Neymar Jr. was naturally developing his motor skills from early childhood.Palmeiras: the favorite childhood club.In his childhood, Neymar Jr. was known as Juninho, to distinguish him from his father, also named Neymar.

In an video recorded in 2004, Neymar Jr., still a little 12 years boy, confessed that his favorite team, the club at his heart, was S.E. Palmeiras, from São Paulo. As he stated in that occasion, his preference emerged because he was an admirer of Palmeiras athletes Evair and Rivaldo and because Palmeiras – currently a "sere B team" – was in prolific good phase, with a lot of titles. Effectively, since Neymar's birth until the interview.

Palmeiras had gained the 1993, 1994, 1996 Campeonatos Paulistas, 1993 and 1994 titles of Campeonato Brasileiro, and the Libertadores Cup of 1999. But is also true that in that same 2002 Palmeiras was relegated to "serie B" of Brazilian National Championship. Neymar must have suffered. Years later, when he had already became a professional player of Santos, the picture below sprayed over internet, Neymar systematically denied his childhood predilection for the of the Mohican striker.


Santos F. C.

Santos F.C., or the "Peixe" is the legendary team where once played Pelé. It is established in the homonymous city of Santos, in southeast of Brazil, just 70 km far from São Santos take its matches at the stadium of Vila Belmiro (Estádio Urbano Caldeira), one of Brazil's oldest, inaugurated in October 12, 1916. Santos F. C. doesn’t have a good structure, but has a lot of history and titles. Vila Belmiro is the the same place where Pele was used to play.Betinho, the discoverer.As soon Neymar began to play football, when he was just 11 years old, Santos .staff noted that he was a talented boy. Who first discovered the ace was Roberto Antônio dos Santos, also known as Betinho, a talent hunter of the club. Betinho had some few years ago discovered Robinho.

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