Chrysalis - Zac Tremble Investigates (The Zac Tremble Case Files)

Gay & Lesbian

By Chambers Mars

Publisher : Maha Sukha

ABOUT Chambers Mars

Chambers Mars
The author of m/m erotic romances and, specifically, the 'Zac Tremble Investigates' series. I'm French but have spent a lot of my life traveling. I'm currently living in Saint Tropez



'Chrysalis', the first 'Zac Tremble Investigates' story, from Chambers Mars.

Marc Grainger has gone missing, wife, Felicity, employs Zac to find him. This case file introduces us to Zac: thirty, gay and laboring under some pretty heavy expectations. He's watched over by Elizabeth, the secretary he inherited, along with everything else. Mrs Chan does her best to keep home for him, Matt is burning a candle, but more often, burning his fingers, and Joe thinks Zac is Frank, Zac's dearly departed father, his one time cohort.

A story about trying to work out who you really are.

This story will be followed by, and be part of, an initial series of 12 'case files', case 2, 'Metamorphosis' is nearly ready for the editing stage.

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The 'Zac Tremble Investigates' series was based on a single 'what if' scenario, 'what if a gay single London born and bred man inherits his Father's Pi agency? A reluctant Pi, who'd rather be playing with his friends and pursuing his artistic leanings. That was the start. Very quickly the story took off, especially when I created the secretary, Elizabeth, who Zac also inherited. These stories are deliberately light-hearted, masking a serious component that you can choose to engage with to the degree that you feel necessary or comfortable. The sexual relationships described are not especially graphic which hopefully means that all readers will enjoy the stories.

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars Zac is beginning to emerge from his Chrysalis!, June 7, 2013 By 05061936 - See all my reviews This review is from: Metamorphosis - Zac Tremble Investigates (The Zac Tremble Case Files) (Kindle Edition) I said in my review of the first book of this series by Chambers Mars that it's theme of a 'private detective' is one that does not take itself too seriously and that the cases of Zachery Tremble P.I felt more of an 'aside' to that of the relationships between the various characters (rather than the other way around); and my view hasn't changed in this one which made me laugh as much as the first not least for its rather 'dry' and sometimes 'caustic' humour. If this is your humour then it should appeal. However, in terms of 'crime', don't expect it to be too deep because you will most assuredly be disappointed. It seems to me that the author's most likely intention is to provide you with a smile or two. At the close of book one, Zac, who has inherited his father's private investigation agency, has picked up a file of an unsolved case. In this book, Zac would rather like to solve the Metamorphosis file and close it; however, unlike his own father, he doesn't have the experience of having been a former police officer in the Met to guide him; his own degree is in Art! What he does have is Elizabeth, the rather formidable secretary who was with the late Mr Tremble and his partner Joe from the beginning and she has all the experience Zac needs; not to mention the determination that he WILL succeed . . . whether Zac likes it or not! I have suggested that these books seem to be aimed more at relationships and in this one, whilst Zac's long-time friend Matt is still nurturing hopes of their friendship becoming something rather more on the romantic front, Zac doesn't seem to feel the same. Matt's hopes are once again dashed when Zac meets George and it seems that their relationship is destined to remain as one of friends and business acquaintances. It is through George that new possibilities arise for Zac to perhaps remain loyal to maintaining the agency that the father he adored founded whilst returning to the Art he so loved to create. Better still, George is gorgeous and seems to really like Zac as much as Zac likes him. It's looking good on the relationship front for Zac . . . but George has yet to meet Zac's nemesis; Mrs Chan! Another fun read from Chambers Mars which can be enjoyed perfectly well as a stand-alone if you haven't read the first book in this series, Chrysalis. There are three so far and I have read them all; am eagerly awaiting the fourth of what the author tells us is a planned series of twelve.