The Crossroad of Friendship (The Intersection of Truth and Betrayal)

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Xe’Khai Arione Shore has always been the type of person that gave everybody a chance. What could he do? It’s the way that he was brought up. Although his family has money and plenty of it, you’d never know it by the choice in the type of people that they surrounded themselves with. The Shores were a prime example of “man makes the money” instead of the other way around. They pride themselves on giving to those that weren’t as fortunate as themselves and by supporting local businesses and programs that were all about helping others. With notable careers as a prestigious lawyer and pediatrician, they were sure to instill the same character, trust, and loyalty in their son.

TeAire Romulus Baldwin was not so giving. His family too, had wealth and smarts but their motto was the exact opposite. For the Baldwins, life is an opportunity and opportunities are luxuries if you know how to live. Competitiveness was the name of their game and it didn’t matter who you were or how close of a friend you are to them, if you got in their way then you were sure to get hurt. TeAire’s dad has harbored a secret jealousy for years. He doesn't take kindly having to come in second to his colleague and business partner Matthew Shore, Xe’Khai’s father. If that’s not enough, his mother has always suffered the same fate, having to come in second to her best friend and colleague Saharra Shore, Xe’Khai’s mother, as a very notable pediatrician. But there is one thing that the Baldwins refused to do and that's allow their son to be second to Xe’Khai Shore…ever.

Find out how these two best friends ended up colliding at a crossroad where trust is supposed to always have the right-a-way but this time betrayal is unrelenting and refuses to yield.

Two best friends, two different concepts, one strange twist. A KingDominion Publishers, LLC novel written by Author N’spired Wit’Love.