Three Times Chosen

ABOUT Alan J. Garner

Alan J. Garner
I am science fantasy novelist Alan J. Garner, published by SynergEbooks. Check out my Chosen Trilogy (The Chosen One, Chosen Too & Three Times Chosen) as well as Wizards' Goal, the first volume in my Terrath series.


Fleeing the wrath of his mad king, a condemned Merman quests for a power that will deliver his undersea people from extermination by a race of butchering islanders.

The future is flooded, the fall of human civilization partnering the risen sea level. Taking to the oceans to survive, a bioengineered remnant of Man lives a primitive, yet harmonious, life undersea in the tropics. But the Cetari are not alone in staking a claim to sapience on drowned Planet Earth. Challenging them is the numerically superior Piawro, a race of humanoidal amphibians jealous of the prosperous Merfolk.

Sentenced to die for allowing the unpreventable murder of his deranged monarch's stepdaughter by the Amphibs, Durgay the Fisher escapes Bounty Reef and his fate as the retaliatory Merking foolishly wages war on the islanders. Joined by a renegade mermaid, Durgay finds new purpose when, spurred on by legend of a Creator residing in the far North, the fugitives embark for chillier waters.

Racing the clock counting down to Cetari extinction, can the escapees provide hope for their embattled kith and fin, or will the quest for salvation end in disappointment and death for all concerned?

"...a sensational fantasy novel which took me to a magical place full of interesting and wonderful ceatures."   Suzette Pecnick.