Kiwi Simile

Children's Books, Humor, Outdoors & Nature

By Megan Brown

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Megan Brown

Megan Brown
  I'm Megan Brown. I've always been interested in life sciences and I've been drawing animals since I can remember. Creating fun, illustrated books is the best and most direct way for me share my love of art, animals, science, and nature with the world. Absorbing new materi More...


Kiwi Simile is an informative and educational book all about the Kiwi Bird, a very interesting and disappearing species. The drawings feature an anthropomorphized Kiwi Bird engaging in somewhat familiar activities related to the text, which transforms these hard facts into fun, relevant content for anyone! This book is written using passive voice, so the material is accessible to everyone - from younger readers to the more distinguished. I created this book so I may share my love of art, animals, science, and nature in a meaningful way.

My love of animals and their behavior hasn't died since childhood - and I'd like to share it with all of you through fun, illustrated books!

"The book displays humorous images with scientific facts about the Kiwi Bird in a way that is simple, funny, and informative. Megan's sense of humor can be perceived just as well by children as adults"
-Soulaf Abas

"Funny and educational the whole way through!"
-K. McNellis