Chosen Too

ABOUT Alan J. Garner

Alan J. Garner
I am science fantasy novelist Alan J. Garner, published by SynergEbooks. Check out my Chosen Trilogy (The Chosen One, Chosen Too & Three Times Chosen) as well as Wizards' Goal, the first volume in my Terrath series.


A pride of giant prehistoric cats is mutated by an alien abductor and compelled to hunt the walking apes destined to evolve into humankind on the ancient East African savannah.

Kidnapped by a reptilian stranger, a clan of sabretooth cats are transported lock, stock, and fleas back in time one million years to the arid plains of East Africa. The departing alien charges the remade cats with exterminating the apish ancestors of man evolving in this timeline of prehistory, for they are the seedlings of the extraterrestrial humans the saurian folk ruthlessly eradicated in earlier times to their mutual detriment.

But amongst the man-apes walks a freethinking female that, after the appearance of a marauding panther turns their simple world upside down, comes out of her shell of timidity. Assuming leadership of her decimated troop, she pits her wit against the demon cat after seeing off a rival band of stronger Uprights.

Can Bushwalker's intellect thwart Yowlar and secure the survival of burgeoning humanity as drought parches the region?
"Once again Alan J. Garner has achieved a masterful result by weaving a great tale about the survival of prehistoric life. Like his first effort, Chosen Too makes for a riveting story. I found it hard to put the book down. It was an absolute pleasure to read."

Simone Outshoorn
Auckland, New Zealand
"Chosen Too is a very thought-provoking and evocative tale about the emergence of man. One leaves it with the feeling that it is an episode. I will be looking forward with eager anticipation to more revealing sequels."

Gavin G.
Hawke's Bay, New Zealand