The Megiddo Revenge

ABOUT Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. On leaving school at 17 he attended Nautical College and at 18 went to sea as a navigation cadet. Since then he has served on all types of ships and traveled to almost every country in the world having a port. He worked ashore for sev More...


A murky group of international businessmen, working together with Arabic and Chinese Jihadist terrorists as well as ruthless Somali pirates, plot to precipitate a global Armageddon-like catastrophe. Inextricably linked to the barbarous scheme are Patti Tang, a beautiful, rich Chinese-American ship-owner who is hated by many Chinese Muslims, and Jon Lawson, a ship’s captain whose family has been murdered by the terrorists. With a common enemy, their paths inevitably merge while the western world’s intelligence agencies are incapable of countering the unspeakable scheme. Patti and Jon's quest for the truth and retribution takes them to China, Europe and the USA, finally thwarting the terrorists in a near apocalyptic finale.