Lily and Me in Haut de Cagnes

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By Delaney Henderson

Publisher : A-Argus Books

Lily and Me in Haut de Cagnes

ABOUT Delaney Henderson

Delaney Henderson
Delaney Henderson studied writing with the ‘Dangerous Writers Group’ originated by Tom Spanbauer and credits the group as being influential in her approach to writing. The idea is to write about those things which may be difficult or uncomfortable which theoretically have more of a pot More...



A thirteen-year-old girl and her alcoholic mother Lily travel to Europe and settle in a medieval village, Haut de Cagnes, in the southern part of France, a village occupied by expatriates, artists and an international set of lesbians. Lily becomes involved with a charismatic Irish woman, Noel and before long the three live together in ‘Le Cave’ an apartment underneath her house. To the teenager, it’s a wonderful life as she gets to ride a motorbike through fields of carnations behind the village, go to the local stable and jump horses, and ride my bicycle for miles in every direction. But she is worried about what she might come home to. Then the road leads to California and a new set of trying circumstances challenge both the maturing young girl and her mother.