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M. K. Theodoratus
Snarly elves are my specialty. My scattered reviews consider, my take on elves different, even though conflict over magic is a cornerstone of their existence. The general tone of the reviews? My Half-Elven stories are fast-paced, thrilling, exciting, and engaging with strong characters. Ye More...


Who to fight? The invading demons or his rival for command.

The portal to the demon world under the city of Trebridge has long been closed, protected by St. Edmunds church. Now the church is being replaced by condos giving a legion of demons and imps access to the city. 

Gillen, the leader of the four Gargoyle Guardians, suspects there’s another seep. But first he must control dissension within the gargoyle ranks. Who does he fight first -- the demons or his rival?

A short story set in the world of Andor. 

This short story came to me one morning while petting my muse, Wiggles. Wrote it and it was first published by Spectra Magazine, volume 5 in Great Britain. The rights have since reverted to me. But Gillen's dilemma bothered me. Ended up writing a YA urban fantasy, There Be Demons, to be published by The Grumpy Dragon in Spring 2014.