The Domino Effect: Life Happens

The Domino Effect: Life Happens

ABOUT Valarie DeShazier

Valarie DeShazier
  I am Valarie DeShazier born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. I was raised by a single mom with four brothers. Graduated from Leon High School in 1993. Went to the Army in 1996 and got out in 2003. I received my business degree at Iverson Business School in Atlanta, Georgia.  I alwa More...



Money, power, and sex are not always what it’s cracked up to be. At fifth-teen things change for her, she saw a new life that she wanted and was willing to do whatever was needed to get. She started out working for her step dad and then for herself. A right had man that was the face of her operation. She had money, women, and a life that most men wish they had. The city was hers to do as she pleases; just her name alone went a long ways. Smart she was without a doubt but greed is what kills the dream. After years of selling drugs a door was open for her to get out but she wanted more. Dealing with the big dogs of the game and get caught in a sex game that she does not know how to get out of. About to lose her one true love, she falls to using just what she sells, cocaine. She had it all until that one day it all came falling down all around her. Everything that she wanted and had was all gone. No one stays one on top forever. After years in prison she comes back to regain all that she lose and end up with something better.