The Blood Line (D'Lite Publications, Ink. Presents:)

The Blood Line (D'Lite Publications, Ink. Presents:)

ABOUT Donetha Polite

Donetha Polite
Donetha Polite (38) hails from Bartow, FL. She's a poetess, a novelist, and an aspiring screenwriter. She graduated from George Jenkins Sr. High School Class of '94, the first graduating class in the school's history. After graduation, she became a student of Job Corps attending the French More...



Special Agent-in-Charge Krishon Watts and her team of special agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detroit Field Office are on edge after various attacks on the New York Stock Exchange is tracked back to the City of Detroit under the operation of a known white collar criminal organization called GEEP, short for Get Each and Every Penny. To make matters worse, it has been revealed that somebody within her department has been leaking information to the mastermind of GEEP, who is only known by others as ‘The Voice’. With no name, no face, and no real voice way to detect his true identity, The Voice has managed to elude being captured by the authorities for years. It is now up to SAC Watts and her team of special agents to track down and stop GEEP before it’s too late. Can they put an end to this reign of terror or is it already too late?

From D'Lite Publications, Ink. and the Ambassador of Urban Lit, Donetha Polite, comes a thrilling urban crime mystery that will keep readers on edge from cover to cover!