Return of the Bones, Inspired by a TRUE STORY

History, Biographies & Memoirs, General Fiction

By Belinda Vasquez Garcia

Publisher : Magic Prose Publishing

ABOUT Belinda Vasquez Garcia

Belinda Vasquez Garcia
Belinda Vasquez Garcia is the author of the award-winning magical series, the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT TRILOGY. In 2013 and 2014, the books won 4 Best Fantasy Awards and a Books Into Movies Award.   RETURN OF THE BONES won Best Historical Fiction for the 2013 New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards More...


Return of the Bones Inspired by a True Story is the Winner for BEST HISTORICAL FICTION of the 2013 NEW MEXICO - ARIZONA BOOK AWARDS!

A dazzling, family epic of love and forgiveness, Return of the Bones is a very special book inspired by a true story -- In 1915, 2,067 skeletons were stolen from the ghost pueblo of Pecos and transported to Harvard University for medical research...In present day and across the miles, the wind carries their cries to Grandfather who hears the bones longing for home.

Hollow-Woman and Grandfather are the last of the Pecos people, but Hollow-Woman is not interested in ancient skeletons. She works at an Indian casino and is of the modern ways, while Grandfather is a shaman and values tradition. She hopes the road trip will heal their broken hearts.

Grandfather fashions a magical dream catcher to help her "see" her ancestors' lives, and come to love the missing bones, as he does. While driving a ratty old pickup-camper, the cantankerous Grandfather and stubborn Hollow-Woman bicker from New Mexico to the Peabody Museum.

A glowing literary work, with religious undertones of the persecution of Native Americans by the Catholic Church's Spanish Inquisition. Return of the Bones pulses with emotion. The pages are filled with the comical way Grandfather looks at the world while embracing the heartbreak and spirituality of the Native American peoples.

You may know these famous bones on which landmark studies proved that exercise prevents osteoporosis!

Did you know that President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, dug up Geronimo's grave and stole his skull to be used for initiation at the Skull and Bones Society at Yale?

The book is enhanced with video and pictures through the author's website. Visit if you wish to preview the videos and images.

President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, stole Geronimo's skull to be used as initiation into the Skull and Bones Society at Yale. These 2,067 skeletons contributed to mankind by proving that exercise strengthens bones in the landmark osteoporosis study.

WINNER 2013 BEST HISTORICAL FICTION New Mexico - Arizona Book Awards!

"The information archaeologists, anthropologists and cultural historians collect in their work usually collects dust in library basements of universities and emerges, if at all, only in reports in academic prose as dry as the dust on the file folder. In her novel, RETURN OF THE BONES, Belinda Vasquez Garcia takes scientific facts that lie dormant in these files and gives us a fascinating, very readable real account of the death of the people who once lived in the long ruined Pecos Pueblo, of the search for their bones, and the remarkable amount of information medical sciences has collected from them. The book also casts light on important chapters in our past of which too many Americans are totally ignorant."Tony Hillerman, New York Times Best Selling Author