A Mind Not Lost: Book 2

A Mind Not Lost: Book 2

ABOUT Verona J. Knight

Verona J. Knight
Verona J. Knight is a mother, wife, and friend. As a teenage mother and young wife she put aside her ambitions   to take care of her family. From the pain of heartbreak and   watching others around her, those who cheat and who were   cheated on, she learned from all sides of the  More...



"A MIND NOT LOST is a collection of more than 100 pages of poems and quotes, written in a form to remind us of our strength, our sexuality and our faith. I remember going to church one morning and kept hearing the pastor saying 'hold up your hand'. At the time my body was in church but my mind was far away. I didn't hear the full question but heard 'hold up your hand' repeated. My mind came back to church and I saw the pastor looking at me since my hand was the only one in the air. Apparently, the question was 'if you think that the Lord has failed you, hold up your hand.' I left church that day in humiliation. Many things were going wrong with me then but I didn't really mean to hold my hand up. That simple embarrassing moment got me thinking about my life instead of feeling sorry for myself. I started thinking about my accomplishments and needed more. I had so many feelings flowing and had no way of expressing them or to express them to so I started writing my thoughts down. The more I put on paper the more my mind gave me to write so I decide to use characters to do and say what I couldn't. My writing turned into books where I created a world without fear of consequences. THE CHEATERS TRILOGY: 'The Cheaters The Wife The Revenge', then 'The Cheaters The Mistress Her Story' and 'The Cheaters The Husband The Payback'. To insure that I didn't lose my mind, I kept writing my books of poetry, A MIND NOT LOST, as a reminder to myself of how I found my strength. With all we go through daily, we maintain A MIND NOT LOST."