Echoes of an Era

ABOUT Mary Muhammad

Mary Muhammad


Between the lines of each poem you can feel Mary’s heartbeat, her emotions dictating her thoughts and feelings. Inspiring and sobering words display her journey, the high’s and the lows of life and the strength of overcoming adversity to remain true to herself.

I have never considered myself a fan of poetry; however “Echoes of an Era” has certainly changed that. Mary Muhammad’s work seems to speak to my very soul. The poetry here, without question, is the voice of the author, but the way it parallels my own life, makes me know that it is truly the voice of the human experience. When she speaks of love and its joy and pain, anyone who has ever been there knows that their heart unfolds the same. It expresses the faith of every faithful human being, knowing that belief in something greater than themselves, somehow give them the strength to hold on in times of trouble to the hope that everything will one day get better. “Love Me More”, says to love something good, for you will give one the strength to love less something that’s not. The quest for us all is to know ourselves and the beauty in that is everyone else can share in that joy too. The understanding is that, as time goes on and the human experience unfolds, not to give up, for with patience the best will find us in the fullness of time.

Virgil Hatcher

Medical case Manager


I believe that Mary has truly shown what true talent she has in this book of wonderful poems that both inspire and teach.

Leiegh Hoffner