ABOUT Malcolm Frierson

Malcolm Frierson
Malcolm Frierson is an Assistant Professor of History, researching the politics of culture in the African American experience. His work tackles serious issues in entertaining fashion and offers positive, realisitic portrayals of African American life and culture. Born in Jackson, Mississip More...



Nice guy Sayvon Walker seeks a love that gives him the feeling of vacationing in Jamaica, but discovers that women can be ruthless to men who refuse to play games. Surrounded by the sexual escapades of his married best friend and pro-athlete brother, Sayvon wonders if he will ever find a woman willing to meet him halfway in a serious relationship. When a spunky dancer storms into his life and grabs his heart, he swears she's "the one." Yet her troubled past and a calculated extortion plot by his ex-fiancée cause unforeseen trouble. Thrilling, emotional, and funny, Finding Jamaica is a wild ride on the slick love train!