Shadow of the Wolf (Werewolf Series #2)

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Connie Flynn
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THE WEREWOLF SERIES: Paranormal romance with an urban fantasy edge.
SHADOW OF THE WOLF.  #2 in the Werewolf Series. 

. . . . The fallen werewolf queen races to escape her enemies.

If Lily fascinated you in SHADOW ON THE MOON, you'll enjoy her comeuppance at the hands of White Hawk in SHADOW OF THE WOLF.



  • A fallen werewolf queen is stalked by the lupine king who made her.
  • A grieving shaman captures and drags her back to his remote canyon village to face judgment for the murder of his wife.
  • But where the queen goes, werewolves follow . . . and so does danger.

More Acclaim from readers for SHADOW OF THE WOLF . . .
"It is said that the emotions of love and hate are more alike than different. Lily and Tony have to overcome a painful history and battle together to see if their new love can survive. Fast and interesting read that is difficult to put down." . . . Robin Miller

"The story line feels so genuine that lycanthropic beings must be a real species. Fans of supernatural romance will want to read both of Ms. Flynn's wonderful werewolf tales." . . . Harriet Klausner

"The Lily you hated in Shadow on the Moon returns in this book to win your heart, and the heart of Tony White Hawk. Another great paranormal read from Connie Flynn." . . . Denise Domning, Author of Almost Perfect.

If you crave atmosphere, high stakes and seething menace in your reads, SHADOW OF THE WOLF is the book for you!

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  • The Dragon Hour, 21st century thugs get trapped in 17th century Scotland.
  • Know When to Run, An amnesiac blackjack dealer has a secret everybody wants. Trouble is, she can't remember.