Allegiance: Dragonics & Runics Part II (Volume 2)

ABOUT A. Wrighton

A. Wrighton
A. Wrighton has been imagining flights of wild fancy since before she could figure out how to tie her shoes. Her love of writing, creating, and imagination has led her through a life full imaginative and amazing adventures. A. Wrighton's literary efforts were first noticed in grade school More...



ANOTHER DEAD END Finding the remaining Catalysts should have been easy. Or, at least easier. With the first of five Catalysts safely under their protection, the Rogue Dragonics are one step closer to the Prophecy. One step closer to revealing The One who will free Solera from the Chancellor’s tyranny. But all leads have turned up dry or are suddenly silent. Dead. To make matters worse, Commander Callon McKafrey has gone missing -- it’s been days since anyone has heard from him. AN UNEXPECTED ALLY In today’s Solera, it is every man for himself. No one can be trusted and selflessness is a distant memory. But, when a stranger with a not-so-secret alliance gets cornered, the only thing to do is help. Help because he’s a good guy in a world gone mad -- a resistance fighter against the Realm’s corruption -- a Rogue Dragonic. Even if it means revealing a dark secret -- one that tends to get people killed. A secret that will throw the entire order of Rogue Dragonics on its head and bring them one step closer to ending over 20 cycles of fighting, heartache, and death. It makes perfect sense. It is perfect timing. Except... How do you convince someone consumed by secrecy to help anyone but themselves?