Sick Street

ABOUT Bruce Ashkenas

Bruce Ashkenas
~~Bruce Ashkenas (1946-) retired from the National Archives in 2004 to devote time to writing. He has one book available on Amazon, AUNTIE'S GHOST. Other books are AGLOW IN THE BRONX, SICK STREET, and THE NAME, illustrated by Penny Pizer. Find out about all of Bruce's books at his web site More...



It is the 1950's in Cleveland. Bryan Wiseman never looks for trouble but trouble finds him. It's a hot summer day when two bullies throw him down a ravine, then toss his bike on top of him. A year later Bryan, now eight, is in the hospital dealing with a rare neurological disease caused by his fall. His disorder, dystonia, is cured by a series of operations. Between the surgeries Bryan and his friends deal with the bullies. Along the way they meet Al Rosen and Herb Score of the Cleveland Indians and learn some lessons about life.