Poetry From The Heart


By Leona Mello

Publisher : Author House

ABOUT Leona Mello

Leona Mello
Leona Mello Born in Bakersfield California.Completed High School and some college. Married Ronald Mello in 1982, Have 3 daughters A full time mother with all time spent volunteering at their schools as a Teachers aide.Enjoys spending time with her family and out door adventures. Writes poe More...



Throughout life, we store information collected from experiences and try in some way to make sense of it. Poetry is a very powerful tool by which people can share, Whether it be about Happiness, Sadness, loneliness, or just plain life poets write about it. In this book the artist simply wants to share something that touched her life in some way.

Iv'e been writing Poetry for over 30 years and wanted to put some of my writings in a book for my Family and friends. and other readers who love poetry. My book is about life in general, Things I have gone through or dealt with. To express my thoughts I write poetry and all my writings come from the heart. There is really no wrong way or right way to write poetry because the poetry comes from within the person who writes. This is my belief in how my Poetry is written. In my own words from the Heart.