The Zyratron Affair

The Zyratron Affair

ABOUT Joe Nowlan

Joe Nowlan
I am a freelance business writer-editor, living in Boston.My novel, "Media Blitz," was published last year by Oak Tree Books.  In "Media Blitz," some whack job is going around killing media figures in Boston.



In the early 1960s, there was a trilogy of horror movies made in Japan, based around a robot-like monster called Zyratron. The films' producers tried to market a series of Zyratron figurines but, like the movies themselves, the figurines failed and quickly disappeared from view. Years later, the movies developed a small but enthusiastic following. These newer audiences saw the movies as hilariously awful—campishly enjoyable—due to the cheap special effects and the unintentional weirdness that resulted when English was dubbed onto the film's soundtrack. Consequently, the few original Zyratron figurines now bring several thousand dollars each among toy collectors. In Boston, someone has been stealing Zyratons and, sometimes killing the owners for them. Plus, a line of imitation figurines has emerged, confusing everyone — the thieves & murderers as well as Ben Hudson, his Boston Banner colleagues and the Boston Police ... eventually even the FBI. Early Reader Comment: Old campy movies meet new Hollywood starlets in this goofy mash-up of pop culture, fine art and cynical journalists. Armed with only his camera and wry observations about life, photographer Ben Hudson investigates murders as well as thefts of movie action figures. A light, funny mystery for fans of classic TV/movies collectibles. Sally Carpenter "The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper" Eureka! Award nominee

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