Sex In The Strangest Places

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Lakyshia Shelton

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ABOUT Lakyshia Shelton

Lakyshia Shelton
I'm a upcoming Author and mother of two loving boys. I'm from a little town called Clewiston Fl and I'm trying to spread the word about my work. Lakyshia shelton



Enter into a world of Sex in the strangest places! Enjoy as your are about to take a ride along kitkat island, where's my G-spot, between my legs, and you lust inside cell block 69. Keisha and peaches love the sensation of sex in a light house, and exploring the doctor's office. Strap up and ride along with us as you are about to read a very seductive novel about sex in the strangest places imaginable!

A Little about the Author: Lakyshia L. (Shelton) Hubert was born in Pahokee Florida, raised in Clewiston Florida. She's the youngest of seven siblings and a host of stepsisters. Oldest sister Renee Shelton, Tachia Shelton, Yolanda Coulson, Teresa Burnett, Cecilia Williams and Lorenzo Shelton J.r. her loving mother Mary (Burnett) Shelton and Lorenzo Shelton S.r has blessed them with so much knowledge and wisdom, until they didn’t know they was raising an young author. Lakyshia (better known as Keke) brother was filled with talent such as: Singing, Dancing, Writing poetry, Writing music, and Drawing. Lakyshia felt like she was left with nothing, until one day she read all the things she kept hidden and realized that she also can write poetry. The problem was she could only write them when she was sad and hurt. Then she ended up going away for awhile that’s when one day just began writing and she ended up with this book. It may have took her sometime but she would like for all of you to know it was worth the wait, when you rush to do things and try to outdo someone you will never make it far because, writing should be from your heart and should be written with care, not rushed through. So with that being said please enjoy this book, and again the author would like to thank each and everyone who took time out to purchase and read this novel. Thanks in advance Mrs.Hubert