Coming of the Messiah: Prequel to American Messiah

Coming of the Messiah: Prequel to American Messiah

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Author James Hall
As an author, I write novels that speak to a higher consciousness. My stories render visions of life that nourish the imagination and promote the rise of new global perspectives. In addition to challenging the mind, my stories are charged with heart-wrenching emotion where meaty character More...



Prequel to the post-apocalyptic action-thriller, American Messiah. In Coming of the Messiah America is caught in a demonic whirlwind and swept from its course of Liberty and Justice for All by sinister plot that is aimed at the heart of America’s financial sector. A stock market analyst with one of Wall Street’s most prominent brokerage houses unearths his firm’s complicity. He is soon found murdered in Eastern Securities’ sublevel parking complex. Two New York City detectives follow a blood trail that leads them to a nefarious network of eco-terrorist cells financed by the Illuminati, an ages-old society bent on establishing Satan’s kingdom upon the earth.