The Other Woman

Romance, General Fiction

By Darlene P

Publisher : Sweet Cravings Publishing (April 26, 2013)

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Darlene P
~~Darlene Winston was raised in Waverly, a small town in Virginia.  She spent her adolescence reading when she wasn't outside running behind her uncle and male cousins. Her family didn't have money for summer vacations so, she spent a lot of time in the local library. It was there that sh More...



Krys Harriston has what every girl wants—a good job, a handsome hardworking husband, two beautiful kids and a loving home…everything that makes her happy. But there’s another woman out for revenge trying to break up her marriage, and this is one woman Krys may not be able to compete with. Her husband, Cameron, never imagined that the one person who loves him unconditionally is the very one causing his world to come crashing down around him. Does he have enough strength to fight the evil forces and save his marriage or will he allow it all to slip away?

~~4.0 out of 5 stars Caught between the love of his life and the woman he first loved... May 22, 2013

By Elf2060 

Format:Kindle Edition

"The Other Woman" by Darlene Winston is a beautiful story that follows one woman's fight for her marriage despite the machinations of an interfering mother-in-law. The idyllic marriage between two successful professionals is threatened by the husband's scheming mother and their trust in and rapport with each other is sorely tested by the challenges which alter the dynamics of their family. Their young children are caught in the conflict and may be the biggest losers in the tug of war between a wife and her husband's mother. Will faith be enough to save the marriage or will the `other woman' succeed in her goal to destroy the relationship?

This lovely romance showcases the challenges faced by a strong professional woman who must fight against her husband's conditioned response to his mother who objects to the relationship. I enjoyed the portrayal of the close and supportive relationships within the respective families even as I sympathized with the heroine's difficult situation with her mother-in-law (that I fear is familiar to many wives). I was a little disturbed by the length of time that the resolution took despite the realism of the situation but I think that the author does a wonderful job of displaying the emotionalism inherent in the various conflicts that epitomize the issues that result from judgemental family members. This heartwarming story is a tribute to the power of faith and the importance of understanding underlying motivations before making judgements.

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I had the privilege of editing this story which has been reworked and re-released and I thank the author for allowing me to learn more about honing her craft as we worked together.

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