Where I Wanna Be

Where I Wanna Be

ABOUT Darlene P

Darlene P
~~Darlene Winston was raised in Waverly, a small town in Virginia.  She spent her adolescence reading when she wasn't outside running behind her uncle and male cousins. Her family didn't have money for summer vacations so, she spent a lot of time in the local library. It was there that sh More...




You, me, and your girlfriend?

After years of swearing off men, K.C. Martin hit gold when Andre asked for her phone number one day at the local post office. What she didn't anticipate was a package postmarked ex. She has finally allowed herself to feel alive again and give in to what he's offering. Short lived is her vision of 'Perfect' when suddenly, along comes an ex-girlfriend, attempted murder and a murder suspect on the loose. K.C. wonders if 'Perfect' has a place in her life. Experience the emotions, the highs and the lows along with K.C., as she is forced to choose whether love is worth fighting for or if 'perfect' really means being alone.


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