The Revenge (Whispering Pines Book 2)

The Revenge (Whispering Pines Book 2)

ABOUT Charles Wells

Charles Wells
When asked why he became a writer, Wells replied with the following. "I didn't choose writing, it chose me. I've spent the better part of my life (and I'm 60 years old) writing, but I still hesitate to call myself an Author. I've written and published 9 psychic/drama fiction books, 3 More...



Matt and Chuck Veal are back in this next segment of the Whispering Pines Saga. In the first book, "The Beginning," they blew the lid off the corruption in West Creek County, Georgia and restored the family name and prestige during the dangerous process. In "The Revenge" the same family and friends have restarted their day to day lives but the conflict is far from over. Matt trips the first outer perimeter wire and the battle begins on the home turf field of West Creek County and the Whispering Pines Estate mansion.

The drug cartels were beaten back but not down. They've regrouped, reorganized, and plotted their revenge against the "goody two shoes" Veal brothers of middle Georgia. They quietly set up a "false" store front operation using a church from which to launder drug monies and began to expand it outward with a fury and vengeance that soaks up entire chapters with direct and violent attacks. The war becomes famous history and is said to be the worse ever in the  war against drugs in the state of Georgia.

It's a fight to the death between the good and evil forces of big city crime and small town determination to keep it out. Once again, the Revenge is seat of your pants reading intended for all ages and rated PG.

Whispering Pines "The Revenge is book two in the six books (and counting) thriller/suspense series by Author Charles E. Wells. It's a southern flavored fast paced "small town vs big city" crime adventure series centered in Georgia USA. Each book in the series stands alone with no cliff hangers. Read one or read them all in order.