Model Species: The Apothic Edition (The Apothic Man)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers

By Katherine Nabity

Publisher : Entangled Continua Publishing

Model Species: The Apothic Edition (The Apothic Man)

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Katherine Nabity
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Genre: Retro-Punk Alternate-World Mystery

Weordan is a world with too much carbon and not enough oxygen. The people of Weordan have deep black skin to protect them from the unblocked ultraviolet radiation that emits from their star, Agnos. Their lives are devoid of breath and fire, and the chemistry of their glowing yellow blood drives their technology, which they call apothos.

Apothos is a personal technology practiced by apothynom, talented men and women who train to build their metabolic capacity and hone their skill at directing that energy in novel ways. They construct apothic machines called emetanisms, used as tools to enhance their personal apothic capacity and also to perform simple tasks in place of apothic effort.

In the apothocratic city of Kenos, Alcander, an old man with a decrepit body and shattered sense of self, has a murderous plan to seize power and regain youth to replace a life he can't remember. Investigating a body with bizarre wounds fished from the bay are a middling apothynom, Inspector Paulos Gaent, and a religious objector to apothynom rule, Clerk Teria Bellaphaerenous. At cross-purposes, a private detective, Laros Nero, is hired by an anonymous client to track down Alcander for reasons other than justice. However, it will take more than keen investigative skills to stop Alcander. It will require the unearthing of dark apothic knowledge that has been buried for an age.

The Apothic Edition includes a better formatted version of the text, an exclusive map of Goeteria, the region in which Model Species takes place, a handy glossary of terms, and the bonus short story "A Game of Moths." If this is your first taste of Weordan, welcome! Thank you for supporting us as authors.

Model Species is the first book in the Apothic Man series.

The kernel idea for Weordan began to take shape during World Fantasy Con 2004. The Weordan stories written during NaNoWriMo of that year bear little resemblance to what would become the Apothic Man series.