Allegiance (The Vampire Alliance)

ABOUT Angela Louise McGurk

Angela Louise McGurk
Angela is the author of the Vampire Alliance series.'Absolution', book one of the series, is available for Kindle.'Allegiance', book two, will be released early next year with the third and final book,'Antithesis' following. Vampire's are popular with Angela, being the subject of most of  More...



Allegiance: The Vampire Alliance Book Two

Eve hadn’t wanted a second marriage, she wanted to remain happily unmarried rather than curse another good man to Rob’s fate. If only Tul had listened to her protestations. Instead the Senate are intent on making her relive her own personal hell. Worse, the instrument they seem intent on using to bring about her suffering is the creature, the merciless drone they’d created from all that remained of Rob.

The world seems to be conspiring against Eve and the Alliance, and even among Johan’s band of rebels not everyone is happy to have Eve as part of the group. With Tul missing and friends few on the ground, Eve begins to slip back into the pit of despair which had once consumed her and that may just lead her to behave more recklessly than ever before. Mistakes have consequences however, and for Eve the consequences of her actions may just decide the course of the future.

Is there a way to save Tul? Does anything of Rob remain in the Senate controlled puppet his body’s become? More importantly, why are the Senate determined to take control of Eve and just how far will they go to gain possession of her?

Praise for Allegiance*:
“Wow! I have loved reading this series. You have done such an amazing job writing it Loved the storyline, and the characters. Cannot wait to read the next one.”

“Both books are amazing!! I have read them both in less than 24 hours!! Can’t wait to read Antithesis.”

Praise for Absolution*:
“I enjoyed every chapter haven't stayed up so late for a book in so long I just couldn't put my phone down. Great book.”

“Wow! It's a nice change to read something in the vampire category with a more mature storyline. Your story was interesting and had me captivated from the beginning until the end. It was beautifully written, and falling in love with the characters was easy. Great job absolutely loved it!”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this book! I think this has been one of the most original, mature vampire stories I have ever read... The lives of your vampires are fully realised, their abilities are believable, and the twists in your story are sublime.”

*All comments are from readers.