Dinosaur Name Poems

Poetry, Children's Books

By Steven Cunningham

Publisher : Three Conditions Press

Dinosaur Name Poems

ABOUT Steven Cunningham

Steven Cunningham
"Colorful, artistic illustrations and a thoughtful text accompany each dinosaur poem. The book is a wonderful addition to any child or school's collection."
- Nancy Lewis, expert in early childhood education and author of Count-a-Saurus (Alladin, 1992).

"Beautiful illustrations and whimsical poems lead readers on a wonderful exploration of prehistory, all of which can be summarized by that all-important word: FUN."
- Dr. Richard A. Kissel, paleontologist and Director of Teacher Programs at the Paleontological Research Institution of Ithaca, NY.

"Thank you to Steven Clark Cunningham, for his boyhood soul and for bringing us, children and grown-ups alike, the fascinating world of our dinosaur friends. The pages in this book are filled with innocence, beauty, and wisdom - the wisdom of transforming poetry into adventure."
- Susana Oviedo, school teacher, Vitoria , Spain