ABOUT Eileen Maksym

Eileen Maksym
Hi, I’m Eileen! I write in a variety of genres, but my favorites are paranormal, horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy. My first novel, Haunted, came out this past spring! I’m also a submissions editor for Apex Magazine. I currently live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, while my husband,  More...



Tara Martin – exceptionally accomplished neurobiology major with a troubled past. Steven Trent – confident political science major with an irresistible attraction to Tara. Paul Stratton – history major who is able to hear spirits. Together, they make up the Society for Paranormal Researchers at their prestigious New England University. When they’re not in class or writing papers, the three friends are chasing their passion….ghosts.

When the group learns of a local retired couple trying to sell a house they claim is haunted, they decide to investigate. As the clues unfold, a familiar spirit interrupts their investigation and Tara finds her life in danger. Can her friends save her before it’s too late?