Whacking at Your Window

ABOUT Kathleen Brown (Spyder)

Kathleen Brown (Spyder)
I, Spyder (aka: Kathleen Deveaney-Brown), decided to write my first Book after reading Savage Autumn by Constance O’Banyon, an author who was truly inspiring to me. For the past twenty-five years I have written over twenty novels. I live with my husband in Illinois, along with my three g More...



***** Adult content warning: explicit love scenes! Some scenes include graphic language and highly erotic subject matter*****

Annabelle was a loner, sweet in every way—that is, until she went to college. Her roommate Crystal changed her life in one way she never considered. Crystal believed a host of stereotypical lies based on her own experiences, especially concerning men. Deceived into thinking they were all after just one thing . . . free sex . . . and that women were toys to play with, Annabelle goes through life without ever finding true satisfaction.

One day she accidentally bumps into a coworker by the name of Antonio. Being a gentleman, he helps pick up her strewn papers. She runs off, and it isn’t until Antonio finds one missed sheet of paper that he reads what’s on it. This innocent act of kindness leads his curiosity to do things he never would have before. There is more to Annabelle than he realized at first glance, and he must find out more! He discovers where she lives, and well . . . it gets satisfyingly hot. But will his early attempts to discover her secret ruin their fun?