Lie Down With Dogs

Romance, General Fiction

By Gail McFarland

Publisher : Gail McFarland / CreateSpace

Lie Down With Dogs

ABOUT Gail McFarland

Gail McFarland
A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Gail McFarland is best known for her contemporary romantic fiction and her pointed approach to both "chick lit' and mainstream fiction.  With more than 100 published short stories and ten novels to her credit, Ms. McFarland is also a dedicated and nationa More...



Loi Cramer Journals, book 2.

Doing BIG things ended, but don't you REALLY want to know what happened next?  In Lie Down With Dogs, Loi gets to deliver the 411 in her own inimitable words -- and you know its good, because with Loi, something always happens.

Book one was so much fun to write, and Loi wouldn't stop telling her story, so... what else could I do but pen Book 2.