Freestyle: A Tale of Two Bros


S. Tate
S. Tate has been engaging young adults for 15 years. Often voted the “students’ choice”, she has a love for nurturing children. Her passion for opening minds and expanding narrow views adds fuel to her God given purpose for writing. She uses her life experiences (past and present) to More...



What does a fighter do when fighting is not the answer? Is it possible to battle a bully without using violence? JB has the unpleasant task of trying to decide his own fate. Never being the type to run from confrontation has always meant being in trouble. That was until Autumn Fulbright became the prize. Equipped with the wisdom of his best friend, Rey, and a love for lyrics, JB sets out to straighten up his life. But how can life at Rockman High be easy to navigate when the school bully sets his sights on JB and Rey? Q-Hil is a great athlete with a horrible attitude. The infamous star football player wants popularity and Autumn Fulbright to share it with him. There is only one problem: Autumn is interested in JB. With JB being only one mistake away from being sent to an alternative school for disciplinary problems, Q-Hil introduces a new level of danger into his world. How does a young man with little help at home and a void in his heart where his older brother used to live manage to keep his journey through life positive… and win the girl? The fight finally reaches the point of no return. When the gloves are taken off and words are given power, only one can become victorious. Freestyle: A Tale of Two Bros answers the question: how can hip-hop win the girl and the glory?