ABOUT Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams



In a world that imposes strict moral standards, Raama feels as though she has been led astray. Caught between her fancies of spirituality and the world’s supposedly ‘religious’ mindset, she cannot seem to find an escape from the cold, stark reality of a society that is driven by vampirism, structure, moral decay, and nihilism. Attempting to flee from the ways of this world, she often finds herself unconsciously bound to its predatory nature. After Raama meets Silah, however, she finds herself addicted and ensnared by the alluringly lifeless essence of the vampire race as a whole. But just what is vampirism…. And, as Raama continually asserts, do “our scars really serve as emblems”? Will Raama’s wavering faith help her or hinder her, in the end? Will she become repressed by what she despises, or emboldened by what she desires most deeply in her heart?