The Everlands Chronicles -The Truth

ABOUT A. J. Bell

A. J. Bell
I was born and raised in Coahuila, México. Although my city, Monclova used to be the Capitol of Coahuiltexas, literally speaking I was not born in Texas but I became an official Texan as soon as I could! The Lone Star State is my home now and where I reside with my three kids.   Just  More...



Splintered shields… sharpened swords…blood and death… The Everlands Kingdom is threatened by the Master of Death himself. Elle’s quest for the truth her forgotten past holds turns her life into a sea of confusion and adventure. Only with the truth can all the stars be aligned for Elle’s path to be clear before her eyes. But before her darkened skies change into their daylight gown, blood must be spilled, hearts must be broken and truth must see the light.