Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes

ABOUT Vijay Singal

vijay singal
Vijay Singal Author Born in 1951 at Maler Kotla , Distt.Sangrur, Punjab (India)Vijay Singal is a mechanical engineer by training and a bureaucrat by choice.



Let there be divine awareness! ETERNAL ECHOES is reflective of man's journey on his eternal quest -- to know and experience the Supreme Power. These simple yet powerful meditative thoughts touch our inner being and take us a step closer towards ourselves

I often Commit mistakes, sometime knowingly,
and many atimes unknowingly.
The moment I realise my folly,
I go to god and seek his forgiveness.
Whether he has forgiven me or not,
I do not know.
But the very act of seeking forgiveness with sincerity,
provides me with a big relief.