Standing in Death's Shadow (Homicide Series Book 2)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Ken Lang

Publisher : Ken Lang Studios

ABOUT Ken Lang

Ken Lang
Ken Lang is a retired 25-year law enforcement veteran from Maryland and is becoming a premiere true crime and novel writer, drawing on his expertise as a violent crimes detective. Ken initially served two years with the Havre de Grace Police Department before becoming employed with one of More...



When Stacey arrived at Bill Bateman’s for her 5-year class reunion, she had no idea how a memory from her past would alter her future. In one innocent moment, a simple cordial act leads one on a path of jealous rage and another fighting for their life. Tempers flare, threats are exchanged, blood is shed, and the services of the homicide detectives are soon requested. In his second release of his homicide series, former homicide detective and award winning author, Ken Lang, unveils the inner workings of a chaotic homicide unit. Standing In Death’s Shadows: More True Stories from a Homicide Detective is a fascinating and revealing read that throws you right into the conflict between the victims, their killers, and the detectives who are tasked to solve their murders. Ride along as the detectives are dispatched to the electric company retiree’s house for a suspicious death. Found draped over the edge of his bathtub, you’ll experience how the investigators struggle to determine the cause of death and put the pieces of the puzzle together. As you follow along with some astonishing revelations discovered during the autopsy, you’re sent on an excursion for evidence that will reveal untold truths and cost another life. Become the detectives’ shadow as they are summoned to the scene of a bewildering apartment fire where a grizzly discovery is made. With the charred remains found in a most peculiar way, the family of the lone tenant prays that the authorities can make sense of their unexplainable loss. But when the detectives scour the ruined apartment and yield little for evidence, they find themselves left with one slim chance to solve the case—and that chance requires them to race across country to beat the odds. A rare insider account of the exhilarating pace of a homicide detective’s life, Standing In Death’s Shadows: More True Stories from a Homicide Detective is a true crime adventure that thrusts you into the middle of the action and leaves you wanting more.

Life as a homicide detective is a fast-paced whirlwind down death’s corridor. In the final installment of an extraordinary glimpse into the innermost workings of a homicide unit, Death Comes Uninvited carries you through the rigorous pace of a homicide detective’s life. Race from scene to scene with the detectives in ten different cases as evidence leads these detectives throughout one of the most violent cities in the country—Baltimore. As detectives rush under the gun to identify and capture these ruthless killers, pressure from the administration builds to a contentious boiling point that leaves unrest within the unit.