Out Of The Slave Coast

Mystery & Thrillers

By Matthew Uzukwu

Publisher : Feli Publishing, P.O. Box 304, Upper Marlboro, MD 20773, USA. publisher@delightreadbooks.com

ABOUT Matthew Uzukwu

Matthew Uzukwu
Matthew Uzukwu is an adjunct professor of Production and Operations Management at Bowie State University in the state of Maryland, USA. He is an academic as well as a novelist, whose novels are delight reads. Check out the rest of his books on www.delightreadbooks.com. Matthew Uzukwu also More...



In the heydays of the Atlantic Slave Trade, a large swath of West Africa was nicknamed the Slave Coast by Western slave ship captains because most of the slaves were bought or plucked from there. The village of Alinta, located in a forest in the Slave Coast, was seized and turned into a base of operations for conquest and slave trading by a ruthless chief. Obi Odima held sway until British colonization and Christianity came to the land. 

The human tragedy behind the Atlantic Slave Trade and the roles played by African natives and Slave Ship captains and owners in the trade. The story is about a village located in the Slave grabbing and trading belt known as the Slave Coast, and the activities of a ruthless slave raider and dealer.