ABOUT Jane Bled

Jane Bled
Meet Jane Bled, award-winning author of LGBTQ speculative fiction and erotica. Her penchant for prose and evocative imagery entices readers with imaginative, titillating tales they won’t soon forget. Crimson, the first book in her erotic vampire novella series MASTER, won Best eBook in t More...



Mild-mannered Kurt discovers a secret side of himself when Luc, a sexy stranger, follows him off the subway. What begins as a casual affair evolves into an erotic power-play as Luc teaches Kurt to find the pleasurable side of pain. Torn between his addiction to Luc's unique punishments and a strong desire for freedom, Kurt attempts to end their trysts--before he submits to the Dom completely.

Part contemporary anti-romance, part cautionary tale of sexual awakening, "Poison" was first published in 2009 as a short story. This extended, revised edition features more words, and more explicit content.

Note: "Poison" is not factual portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle. It is merely an incantation of the author's twisted mind.