Spirit Warriors: The Concealing (Volume 1)

ABOUT D.E.L. Connor

D.E.L. Connor
Della was born in South Dakota and raised in the vastness and beauty of Montana on a farm. When she longed for the big city life, she moved to Texas where she attended college and received a PhD in nursing. When not nursing people back to health you can find Della huddled over her Mac writ More...



Sixteen-year-old Emme Belrose has it all: four best friends, a horse of her own, a hidden tepee hangout, and a blossoming romance with tall and handsome Charlie. These friends also have a secret. They can move their spirits into animal bodies: an osprey, a mustang, a grizzly, a mountain lion and a coyote. But when Charlie, who has a gift for seeing the future, has a vision of Emme drowning in the icy Yellowstone River, the Spirit Warriors must train their animal bodies to kill an enemy they know is coming… but know nothing about. Suspenseful, romantic, and awash in Native American magic, Spirit Warriors captures the tragic enchantment of the American West—and confirms the power of friendship.

The Spirit Warriors story evolved from a short story I wrote for a college English class in the early 1990's. The professor read it, loved it and asked me to stay after class and discuss it. During this discussion, he told me a "dark" story like mine that was written for older children would be unmarketable and unsaleable. The story kept floating around in my mind. Finally, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyers and others stepped forward with amazing "dark" stories to create a new genre called Young Adult. The time was finally right for my book. I wrote book 1 in two weeks. It took another year and 1/2 and about a 150 queries all with an "not interested" for me to find a publisher. I found Booktrope and it's all history. :)