ABOUT Proud Ndlovu

Proud Ndlovu
Proud was born and raised in Zimbabwe where he began his teaching career as a high school teacher. He later on emigrated to Australia where he now teaches at a public high school in Melbourne. Proud has written two novels so far, Chains of the Pastpublished in May 2012 and The Protector More...



As he sat by the roadside after school waiting for his father to come and pick him up, John is abducted by a three-man gang and taken to a park on the outskirts of the city. When his attempt to escape fails, John’s abductors descend on him with a barrage of blows as punishment. Suddenly out of the nearby bush thicket, a mysterious figure springs to his defence. It’s a lion, one so frighteningly huge and fearsome, unlike any that John had ever seen before. John did not know it by then but this was no ordinary lion; it was Alnurea, a shape shifter and Crown Prince of the Humalion kingdom of the planet Nurea. Alnurea had just arrived on Earth, having been forced into exile after his father was assassinated. The rescue marked the beginning of a close friendship between Alnurea and John, and when he became aware of the grave danger that John and his family were facing, Alnurea knew then that he could not turn his back and walk away from them.